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Think you might be allergic to sleep?

Welcome to, the online community dedicated to a sleep condition that affects thousands, has no formal name and hasn't really been studied. . .until now.

Do you jolt awake every time you try to fall asleep?

There isn’t a formal diagnosis for this condition yet. Most doctors haven't heard of hypnic jerking - or seen it. Others say it's harmless (like a hiccup). They call it general myoclonus or insomnia and say it's from stress and that it will go away. And for many, it does. It can also come and go.


But what if it doesn’t go away? For some, hypnic jerking is relentless and can prevent sleep altogether.  What’s more, many sufferers did who did not experience anxiety before it started, now have sleep anxiety. Not all experience this, but if you do, don't lose hope. You are not alone. We are here to find answers and to get help.


This is a debilitating condition for many. Extreme sleep deprivation is creating high stress for a growing number of sufferers. Many haven't had restorative sleep in months, years, or (for a select few), decades. 

It's time to raise awareness to get help for this poorly researched condition. This website is a starting point to navigate the issue of problematic sleep entry. We have so much to learn - both sufferers and the medical community alike. is part of the non-profit organization, Therapeutic Alliance Group, Inc. (TAG) and is now accepting tax-exempt donations.

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"Going to bed used to be something I looked forward to. It was about resting and rejuvenating. Now it’s about surviving the night."


~ hypnic jerking patient

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