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Links to Hypnic Jerking Articles

Updated: Feb 15

The clinical heterogeneity of drug-induced myoclonus: an illustrated review

Twinkling, star-shaped brain cells may hold the key to why, how we sleep:

Ion channel linked to brain inflammation identified: []( (In the prior link, astrocytes were implicated in sleep onset. Here is an article linking for the first time, a calcium ion channelopathy (genetic mutation) with brain inflammation. It is researching astrocytes/glial cells that regulate calcium and the nervous system. A channelopathy is loss of proper cell functioning, causing excessive membrane excitability.

Upregulation of T-type Ca2+ Channels in Primary Sensory Neurons in Spinal Nerve Injury: (Channelopathy nerve injury increases the density of T-type calcium channels leading to neuronal hyperexcitability)

Seizures with an atypical etiology in an elderly patient: Eagle's syndrome--how does one treat it?

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