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Suggestions for Relief from Hypnic Jerking

Updated: May 30, 2021

Below are 10 suggestions representing some of what has worked with people from our Facebook community threads. It is not meant to be medical advice and should be reviewed by your medical practitioner.

We have many similar patterns. However, each case seems to be slightly different. We are trying to get more research going because so little has been done to figure out how to best address this.

Information below is from my close to two decades research on the topic. Its biggest influence, however, has been the data from trials involving our Facebook group over the last three years. Most of it can be summarized in one sentence: Do your best to decrease inflammation in your life. This includes doing ANYTHING you can to decrease stress levels (emotional & physical). This information is applicable to many complex or chronic conditions. Below are more specific suggestions that should be brought to a practitioner you are working with:

1. Don’t be anti but be PRO choline (try to stay off of anticholinergic and serotonergic drugs). Phosphatidyl choline can help counter the effects if you need it. You may need to research all medications and supplements prior to taking them. For example, you'll see that THC is anticholinergic.

2. Do low level detox if you breathe bad air/water/eat processed food. Clean up / filter things such as your air, water and diet.

3. Try binders (charcoal, CSM, bentonite clay, Diatomaceous Earth). They seem to be most helpful to people at sleep time (must be taken apart from medications).

4. Try electrolytes just prior to sleep. Currently, group members are experimenting with different types/mixes. It might be due to the bicarbonate or alkaline properties. Or it can be related to a certain genetic predisposition. In my case, I cannot handle any electrolyte with chloride in it. Many of us have done quite well with Optimal Electrolytes from Seeking Health.

5. Lidocaine creams and sprays at 5% seem to also be helpful. Currently, group members are experimenting with different areas of placement for the lidocaine to have maximum benefit. I personally find that when I place lidocaine on the lower part of my body, I do not jerk.

6. Do your best to decrease your reliance on prescription synthetics that are not necessary, so your toxicity portrait will begin to clear. These are the ways to even the odds.

7. Consider seeing any or all of the following doctors: neurological chiropractor for cranial nerve rehabbing, an atlas orthogonal chiropractor for CSF flow evaluation and treatment, an osteopath, rolfer or lymphatic drainage therapist who does manual manipulation, a functional / complementary / or integrative MD. (See the FAQ's for links to search for these practitioners in your area).

8. Rule out infections, dysbiosis, hormonal imbalances that result (pay attention to cortisol and histamine). These things keep fanning the flames of inflammation.

9. Consider having an epilepsy panel (blood test) run by a geneticist. In a prior blog, you can read about mineral channelopathy mutations. This (along with erratic low level intracranial pressure) would indicate the likelihood that a medication such as Diamox would be helpful.

10. Work toward decreasing any emotional / occupational / physical stressors, especially close to nighttime. It is contraindicated to exercise later in the day with this condition.

So basically, clean up your life in any way you can and you will be shifting the cellular threshold in your favor, decreasing muscle firing. Finally, for the sufferers reading this, we need you. We need one another. Please take the hypnic jerking survey (see Research Study) page on this site). Please join our FB group to share your experiences surrounding hypnic jerking.

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